8th graders, are you nervous for high school?

Question:If you are like me, you are graduating from grade 8 this year, and entering...HIGH SCHOOL!! Who is scared as h*ll like me? Like seriously, i am so so so nervous, its scary. I am so afraid. how do you guys feel?

hey all of you!
Why are you people getting nervous!!
Pl don't be high school is good as middle school coz now you are grown up,so new friends and new treats!!
High Scool is a serious thing .
don't worry it will be good!!
high school is fun, people believe it or not actually stop creating trouble and mature.
i'm a 8th grader and umm... not really i just want to enjoy my summer
i am terrified. my graduation is friday. i am going to miss all my friends. ;[
OMG!! i am so fricking scared. but im excited to get outta this place and into the real world
yes i am. i am really nervous there is going to be so many ppl there and stuff lol
its no big deal!
I'm graduated from 8th grade last Friday, I am not nervous yet, but probably will be as the time draws nearer.
my brother will be goign into high school next year but he is perfuctly fine. Im goignt into middle school next year and im really scared!?!?!?
They are ALL nervous.
I am going to 7th grade and it is a little scary for me.BUT my sister is going to 8th she's is not that nerves.(were a year apart)
i'm graduating middle school i'm in the 8th too
and i'm scared
u know why!
cause i'm moving to a new school
and i won't know anyone at all
so be grateful
and enjoy your summer
i'm in the 8th grade and i'm already in high school (Our educational system is different from yours). Trust me the older kids are going to pick on you SOMETIMES, but, you got to know how to handle yourself, more work load and you'll meet new friends, but not everyone will like you, there will be some that are VERY stuck up, mean and nice.
Good luck.The first few days will be scary but you will soon get used to high school.My daughter starts year 8 next year, the end of primary school this year.

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