I'm scared of going to high school. What should I do?

Question:In science class, we had to watch this video on HIV/AIDS and how to prevent them. A lot of teens who were HIV positive were in this video and they talked about how they kept making the wrong decisions that led to becoming HIV positive because of peer pressure and temptation. I'm worried about HIV, but what I'm more worried about is the "peer pressure and temptation" part.

Since I'm going to high school next year, and I've heard about a lot of stuff in high school (like how your grades count for going to college, classes are hard, relationships in school), I don't know if I'm gonna make it or not. I need some advice so I won't be so frightened of going to high school anymore.

don't worry about it. If you have enough power over your self and how you think you will just do fine. if someone comes up to you and asks you to do something you know is wrong wither that is drugs, drinking, sex, anything you just have to say no. and if they don't listen you may have to lie a little to get them off your back. like if its for drugs just tell them oh my parents drop me ever so often or sex say you are seeing someone or something like that. if you have the will power you can do anything!
don't touch anything in high school...you will get HIV...trust me!
I made it all through life - high school and JR High without having sex and giving into temptation and peer pressure. I had friends that smoked, had sex, did drugs, etc, but I never gave in.. and still dont to this day. im 27 yrs old
wow middle school does really scare alot of kids! it all depends on who you hang out with that cause you the pressure or temptation! im going to 11th grade next year , and i havn't been pressured in anything and thats because i don't hang around with those kind of people...you have nothinig to worry about, YOU just need to know the right from the wrong! its part of growing up..its reality..you choose your life, not others
its perfectly normal t obe frightend,, listen,, its plain and simple..jsu dotn ahng out wit someone who would want to end up doing sumtin u dont want to do,,hang out with ppl like urself,,but still meet other ppl,,the class thing.jus pay attention and study,,if u dont get the process or w/e jus ask a friends who da smartest in tht particular class,,,,and the hiv and aids stuff,,,,DONT GO ALL THE WAY! but if it gets to tht point,,jus use protection,,,ull most likey be fine next year,,so dont worry
Do you best in all your classes, don't slack off, don't have sex if you don't want to, and if you do use protection. Don't stress yourself out over little things. High school is not that hard, and all the "peer pressures" I went through were mainly in middle school, in high school.. in my experience, everyone does what they want to do not what others want them to do. Just don't worry too much.
High school was the funnest time of my life, I wish I could go back and see all my friends again.

Ofcourse high school would seem scary to someone who has no idea what to expect, but its not as hard as you think. Everyone goes to high school, so essentially everyone can do it. Dont worry about your grades too much, thatll cause unwanted stress, and youll have plenty of that. To me, the most stressful part was the relationships and trying to balance school and sports. Other then that, high school is a breeze and you better enjoy every moment because this really is the best time of your life.
Just keep your head on straight. Don't be easily persuaded. Make up your mind to do this,You can make it. You know right from wrong. NOW put it into play. It's just like the real world, some good and some bad. You get to choose.
don't listen to that guy you don't get HIV just by touching things, you can get HIV by blood to blood contact, example if one of you has HIV, and both of you have a cut and touch blood to blood, then you can get HIV

and you shouldn't worry about high school much

just do your work
the work in high school isn't that hard, just do your work have fun, and relationships isn't so hard, unless you get with a wrong person, i'm a senior in high school, and never once i thought high school was hard,

also if people peer pressure you don't listen to them,

don't have sex, and if you do wear protection, *CONDOMS*
It's really not that bad...after the first week or so you'll be 'right in the grove'. don't worry bout something that hasn't happened yet..
be in band because band kids are awesome and marching band gives you a bunch of instant friends
and none of my friends have ever tried to pressure me into drugs or sex or anything and I'll be a senior next year, although we might talk about it, we don't actually do it
(and statistically music kids are 23% smarter than other kids)
High School can be some tough years and I commend you for asking for advice, it just shows right there that you are intelligent and care about making the right choices for your future, my best advice to you is don't give in to peer pressure in any way {including sex} just be yourself and make friends who like/want the same things as you do, study! and get good grades, and look foward to you prom. Get involved and stay involved in school functions and clubs, and keep smiling and be your sweet self! I wish you a very bright and happy future, don't worry you'll do GREAT!
You don't need to be afraid, really. It sounds scarier than it really is. Were you ever told in Elementary that going to Middle school would be different and tougher? Well, it wasn't really, was it? Well the same goes for high school. Sure, some things will be different, but you'll adjust easily, you'll see, so there is nothing to worry. Just listen to the advice your parents give you and stay away from drugs and all the stuff you know is no good for you. Worry more about your grades and school then about boyfriends and you'll be on your way to success. Good luck, I know you'll do great. You seem like a good kid and I know you'll do good.
If you dont get into the "IN" crowd then you will go all four years without any worries because you will either spend most of the time alone or with your very small circle of friends. I dont think that you paid very good attention in your HIV class because you cant only get it a couple of ways. I would use the summer to work on the self esteem and then no one can talk you into anything that you are not comfortable with.
I just finished my freshman year. I was nervous at the beginging but i just stuck with what friends i had. For the most part(at my High School anyway) the upperclassmen have to much to worry about to bug you. As for the peer pressure part just surround your self with people you trust and be in control of your decisions and you will be fine : )
You're not moving schools, so you have friend with you. You're lucky. I might move after 8th grade. Imagine starting a new school, freshman year, no friends in Europe!
Don't worry about the video, the sooner you see it, the better. I saw mine in 7th grade. Sure it was akward (sp?) but as long as you're scared of it, you probably won't get it.
im currently in 10th grade in my second year. first off the classes may get hard but take good notes and sudy and you will be fine. relationships are hard to get by it does depend on who you are going out with. Always try to aviod to get tooooo close to someone who you likr and goind out with. Oh and dont forget about after school stuff looks good in your grades and helps out in college when they look at you as a student.
Take a deep breath and try to relax. Everyone is nervous about going into high school on some level even if they don't admit it. It will take some time to adjust but you will and you'll have a great time. Remember to be yourself and stay true to what you believe. If others tease you, stay strong. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do and most of the people who try to get you to do something haven't done whatever it is themselves either. Have a good time and study hard. You'll do just fine. Best of luck.
High school is a big part of life, just be strong. If you got your head on straight you won't fall in with the wrong crowd. Peer pressure can be a hard thing to deal with, don't let anyone talk you into doing something you don't want to do. If you are strong minded you won't have a problem. If you're not, look forward to disease and any number of horrible things. It's your life, you should live it the way you want.
High School can by a wonderfully joyous time in you life. Here is where you have the opportunity to make good and happy memories. Just choose your friends carefully. Put your school work, studies and home work first and top priority. Don't worry about peer pressure. Again, if you choose your friends carefully, you won't have peer pressure. If any one ridicules you and or makes fun of you or tries to pressure you into anything you are not comfortable with, then ignore them, they will give up on you and go away. This is the time in your life when you have the opportunity to set your goals for your future, and to work towards your goals. High School can be hard if you don't put your priorities in the proper perspective. Good luck sweetie and have fun.
I know how you feel; I felt the same way before my freshman year. I actually cried before the first day of school because I was so freaked out. Just watch who your friends are and don't do anything you wouldn't want your parents to find out about (that's not likely to happen, trust me I've made some big mistakes.) When you make mistakes, and you will, try to learn from them. Don't take all easy courses, because you may breeze your way through them, but when it comes time to think about college, you'll regret it. I'd recommend taking mostly standard courses your freshman year, then adding an AP (honors) course or so if you think you can handle it. If there's a class you don't think you can handle, (in my case, Chemistry,) don't take it, I took Chem., and am now planning on taking it again, because I'm barely passing, and am not prepared to move up. The most important advice I can give you though, have a little fun, you're in high school, enjoy it!

-Good Luck!
Hey, I just graduated high school, and I can tell you, in some spots it is hard. I can still remember the anxiety of the first day.From experience, find a group to hang out with. If your smart, join the a Scholars bowl team. If you like sports, join an athletic team. This will get you a lot of good, lasting friends.
First off, middle school sucks! The kids there, in some ways are worse than what you are saying scares you about high school.
It is alright to go to parties. It's fine to dance, and have fun, but you have to tell yourself, "I'm not going to drink," or "I'm not going to do anything stupid." Guys like girls that don't do that kind of crap, anyway.
Do not fall for what a friend tries to tell you to do. Peer pressure is in high school, but once you show who you are, people will know what you like, and what you will and will not do.
Remember, when you graduate, it's over. So, try to enjoy it while you have it. And no matter how bad you think it might be, 5, 10 years from now, you'll be looking back and smiling at all the memories you have.
2 Words for u in a peer pressure position DITCH THEM.Oh and don't worry the first week school is always easy and plus u should not be worrying about school u really should be worrying about what you're going 2 do over the summer.

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