4th Garder Struggling with reading comprehensive and writing?

Question:Has anyone used any of the learning centers: Kumon, Sylvan, Huntington, Tutor Club, or any other. If so, were they effective with helping your kids to be better readers?

sometimes it is the childs maturity level that also affects how they do in the early grades of school..my daughter started school at 4 due to her birthday..it took her a while and she lagged behind in reading...it wasnt that she didnt try she just could not get it...she is in the 6th grade now and it is all coming together for her this year..she seems to have really caught up and has started to enjoy reading to read not because she has too..i have never used any of those tutoring schools..so i dont really have an answer for that
I have never used those services but I know hooked on phonics works. I use abeka and my children read extremly well! Make reading fun, it can all too often be overwhelming for the student and they don't want to do it.

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