Air force Academy question?

Question:I want to join the Air Force Academy but in my freshman year of high school i only got average grades like 95,86,79,84,88,83,15 but I am now doing better and have all A's. I do alot of community service work. I can speak English, Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic. I had injured my ribs so I could not play any sports for a while but I am going to as soon as I am allowed to. I am in the Astronomy club, the debate team, and other extracurricular activities. I was wondering how good my chances are of getting in I have always wanted to go but I just hope my chances are not ruined because of my freshman year.

You seem like a pretty good candidate to me. Your academic record isn't everything .. if they like you and think that you have leadership potential, but are lacking somewhat in academics, they will send you to the prep school first. As a matter of fact, if you truly speak Japanese and Arabic -- and fluently, they'll be drooling over you!

Hopefully you're not a senior! Check with your school guidance counselor. THere is a window of opportunity when your legislators are taking applications. (Please note, unlike what the above answerer posted, it's not your STATE senator, rather your federal one that has the appointments!).

Here's some info on the Academy's prep school!

Good luck!
You certainly seem to have a good academic and social back round. Each state senator is allowed two appointments to each of the military academies. Others eligible for appointment are the offspring of medal of honor winners.

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