After my igcse's, should i do IB or A levels?

Question:ok i want to get into business and i know that IB is a good option considering its well known..
i also like chemistry--and history..yes i know its not even related..but is it possible that i can do IB then choose any course in college?which subjects should i take in IB??my igcse subjects were math,english,spanish,business studies,chemistry,information technology(which im really good in) and geography..
so i need to know everyones views on this..please help me out..i spoke to my guidance counceller already but everyone is saying that IB is very difficult..but then again--having a diploma in IB is very good..i need to know my subjects also..thanxx

Im in ur exact position rite now...Well this is what i got:
For a-levels: Youll choose 4 subjects so you'll cut down on ur available options once you go to college...but the advantage is u'll go to college as a sophomore
For IBs:You get to choose 6 subjects so you have a good amount of options available.The first year of IBs is like the IGCSEs but the second year is way harder.The problem is,you will go to collegge as a freshman,so thats a year wasted.
Well its a pretty hard choice...There both recognised all i can say is good luck..

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