About USA high school math curricula help please ?

Question:hi , i am going to send my son to USA for his high school . i find that grade 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 maths curricula is consolidated . can anyone give me an approximate idea that how the curricula is usually divided by teachers ? i know different states have different syllabi but if you know any website or have any information of the approximate division of the syllabi it will be of great help . basically i am asking for grade 9 ,10 which toipics will my son be asked to take on ? will he have to do calculus in grade 10 ?

Well, it all depends on what school he will be attending, but this is how it usually goes:
8th grade: Option of either Algebra I or Pre-Algebra, depending on what the student is ready for.
9th grade: If Algebra I was taken in 8th grade, then Geometry. If Pre-Algebra, then the student will take Algebra I.
10th grade: Geometry or Algebra II (If the student took Geometry in 9th grade)
11th grade: Algebra II or Pre-Calculus (in most states, only three years of math is required, although some require four. If they require three, then the student may stop taking math after Algebra II)
12th grade: Pre-calculus or Calculus or no math classes.
Hope this helps!
usually 9th is geometry, unless your son hasn't yet had algebra, in which case 9th is algebra 1.

The sequence is algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trig and pre-calculus, and then calculus.

So whatever year he starts algebra 1, you can follow that sequence for the following years.
Im not sure about all the states, but your son will not have to do calculus in the 10th grade.

9-10 is usually geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and statistics.
11-12 is working towards calculus or advanced statistics / algebra

If he is smarter or ahead of the curriculum he could be in a more advanced class, but he would not be expected to do that.
I'm an 11th grader currently schooling in Florida. The curriculum here is:

9 - algebra 1 / geometry
10 - geometry / algebra 2
11 - algebra 2 / pre-calculus
12 - pre-calculus / trigonometry

Hope that helps

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