Adult learning basic reading & writing skills?

Question:My friend needs to learn basic reading & writing skills. He would like to do this privately possibaly at his house a couple of evenings a week.
I have a couple of questions...
Should he get a qualified teacher or a student teacher?
How much should he pay?
I have put advert in shop window and also contacted a couple of local junior schools in the area but no one has replied.
Where should I advertise?

Have a sift through these ESL links, I'm pretty sure that you will be able to adapt them to suit the needs of your friend and there are chat rooms that your friend can use to judge their progress. Good Luck.

English as a Second Language Links

This is not meant to be the longest list of links for EFL/ESL teachers and students. We do want it to be one of the best though, so we have chosen just a few links to really great sites for anyone connected with learning or teaching English as a foreign or second language.

There are some excellent ESL websites about and there are some appalling ESL websites about.

Each week reviewers take a look at different sites across the spectrum of ESL and tell you what is worth visiting and what is worth avoiding.
Most colleges in the uk run adult literacy classes, he should not be embarrassed, everyone else there will be in the same situation, and most of the courses are free and run by qualified individuals, good luck to your friend, it takes a lot of courage to go for it when you are an adult.
There are places like learn direct, colleges, etc,

but you can also buy reading books that have tapes/CDS that accompany them so that you can read whilst listening...

also there are stacks of similar stuff in the children's section of book stores.
Local newspapers may be useful. I would suggest he joins an adult ed class - will learn and meet new people.
Hello :)
It's real sweet of you to help your friend, Sooz.try the library.or the county aid offices (if he is not an illegal!)
Many people from other countries need this service and it is often provided by those agencies and even the local junior college.
Maybe he'd qualify for taking college free.
The library often uses VOLUNTEERS FOR FREE-and the workers need only a little training. It is simple to sit down with a cup of tea and a pile of Dr. Suess books, too...
: )
I can help you through email
Send me your questions
You should get him Private tutor because he might not want any to know that he can't write.

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