A problem with schooling!? im late every single?

Question:my social studies teacher always looses track of time, like by 15 minutes I have english straight after social studies. Im rocking up late to english just because the social studies forgets the time. I have asked the ss teacher to let me out early, talk to my english teacher and write me a note, but i still have no luck. When I eventually get to class, it has started and i have to stay back for detention, its not even my fault! and when i tell the english teacher my problem, she just thinks im being tardy! wat should i do!???????

Your Social Studies teacher is being VERY inconsiderate. You don't say what grade you are in.

When the Social Studies class is over, you need to get up and leave. That teacher should have the lesson planned to finish on time. And, you should not be reprimanded for leaving. If you are, you need to see an administrator and explain the problem.

You are being punished for a situation that is not of your making. In talking to either teacher, just be polite and respectful and I think you will find a solution.
Tell your principal. This seems somewhat unlikely, since another class would be forced to wait for yours to end by loitering in the halls. If this happens all the time someone would notice.
Explain the dilemma to the SS teacher. Ask if you can use this method and get his permission first. The method is that when you can see he's starting to run over, you sit at your desk and write out an excuse for your English teacher. Just say, I'm sorry, SS ran over because we were in the middle of class discussion, something like that that doesn't make the SS look like the inefficient teacher he is.

When SS is finally over, take the note to the SS teacher for a quick signature.

The SS teacher may not be willing to write a note, but all he has to do is sign the thing.

If this won't work, speak to your guidance counselor about it. It's absurd that you are in this situation.

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