Advanced physical science???

Question:ok.. um... i need your guys opinion

im a junior at high school..

and i have a question..

my school last year.. when i was a sopho.

they had a class called physical science..

which almost 80 percent of our sophomores took..

and my question is... why did they create this unnecessary class

in the beginning..

we all know physical science is ppl who are not good at sciecnce

and we all know after taking biology.. if u did decent in that class

you should take chem... but instead they offered us advanced ps

and what makes me mad more is that.. they cancelled this class after our sophomore year.

now most of juniors felt like a dumb people taking chem with

the sophomores...

so basically we wasted an year for unnecsary class...

my plan was to take ap physics next year..

but it seems like its impossible now...

wow... i hate my school..

to sum it up

1. whats your opinion about this class called advanced p.s.

2. and do you guys have aps ?

In our school, the order goes like this:
9th- Biology 1 required

10th - Chemistry and/or Bio 2
- Physical science for ppl who got lower than a B in Bio 1

11th - Physics (choice)
- AP Bio or AP Chem (recommendation required)

12th - AP Physics/AP Bio/AP Chem (rec required)

So basically, physical science is lower than chemistry in our school. Maybe the system is different in ur school if "almost 80 percent of sophomores" took physical science. What matters in college admissions is how well you did in YOUR school. So, if physical science is, or was, the higher course, you've done the right thing.

If colleges ask about this, you would have to explain. For example, we used to have French as a foreign language but the course got cancelled. This junior did French for three years but on his transcript it made him look like a quitter. When colleges interviewed him though, he explained the situation and nothing happened. So explain your situation in a note, recommendation, or interview.
I must preface this by saying it has been quite a few years since I've been in high school (20, to be exact). Since I haven't been a student at your school, I can't really say why they created that class. However, I do remember taking a class called Anatomy and Physiology in my sophomore year after taking advanced chem in my freshman year. Perhaps the "AP Physical Science" is an alternate terminology for what was previously Anatomy and Physiology. In any event, if my memory serves me correctly, don't YOU chose the class you want to take for the upcoming year? If that's the case, why take the class at all, unless it is a prerequisite for the class you are interested in?

I guess there is information missing that I need in order to make an appropriate assessment.

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