"theres a pool on the 3rd floor" can someone explain this highschool..um...."joke" to me?

so u always hear that seniors tell the freshmen tat theres a pool on th 3rd floor. i dont get it? can someone explain it to me? (yeah i know im kinda retarted lol?)
its to breed you lost and make you look retarded. kids in higher grades usually do it to newbies resembling 8th graders would do it to sixth graders and seniors would do it to freshmen or people would just do it to newbies. im 11 and i no that how come you don't
Really depends where you move about to school; but in older neighborhoods in that are buildings similar to the original YMCA s that have swimming pools on upper floors and roof pools.
They are concrete poured structures that can withstand that kind of live substance.
It may not be a joke.
Perhaps when you are a Senior you will have Senior privileges and can swim with the big girls.
Because there isn't really a pool on the 3rd floor.
Because there usually isn't a third floor. My institution only has two floors. But we really do have a huge indoor pool and we did swimming curriculum in them in the elementary.
Haha, I know at my conservatory, that's a big 'joke'. Most schools don't have a third floor. And if they did, why would they keep a pool up here? Just don't worry about, they think they are much funnier than they in actual fact are. :p

It's kind of sarcasm, not very funny, I know :]
alright , there probably saying it because within ISN'T a 3rd floor, and they just want the freshman to look stupid .
They wouldn't build a pool above another building. It's to trick people to ponder that they built one. Also there probably isn't a 3rd floor.
its to get them lost, because in that wouldn't be a pool on a 3rd floor....

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