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Well im in year 11 and im gunna be leaving in close to 6months and im worried im not going to find a good job, Becus i am in set 5's for everything but within set 4 for english but im so worried i dont no what i am going to do. But 1 thing for sure IM NOT GOING TO COLLEGE so if you guys could please answer this question and give me some things to do that could assistance =[
REALLY please go to college! im 15 and in year 11 too and honestly, existence will be pretty average/poor if you dont even go to college! even if your not in top sets, go to college, do some btecs surrounded by hairdressing or something. or get an apprentiship. there are so many opportunity for those who dont feel like they can do A and AS levels. but they are adjectives atationed at college! just work hard for your exams, get a few pass and you'll be fine.
What do you want to do afterwards?

What interests you and what are you good at?

It doesn't enjoy to be an academic thing. Have you thought about doing an apprenticeship where on earth you learnon the job and get paid for it.

You could do a course at a college, but what more or less a practical one or one at an adult college where it'll be a lot smaller quantity like school?

Believe in yourself, set 5 doesn't really plan anything out in the real world, just feel about what you want to do and work towards that.
Try get a apprenticeship this will grasp u into work but may require a little bit more learning (one day a week). But if they u might become one of them boring shop assistants.
Your going to have to find something you enjoy, STICK AT IT, work on it, don't give up. If lots of money is involved contained by the long term, great! If not, then at least you soak up doing it. See if you can read inspiring books by top businessmen and women to see what they do.

Go on http://www.ted.com/ and click on the 'inspiring' link on the right panel.

Hope this helps.
Get a part time job or voluntary job to get hold of experience.Work hard in your exams. even though you are in set 5 doesnt stingy you can't get good grades. i've seen it come to pass where i knew this girl who was predicted to attain a D in her GCSE's but she got 95%! But you've got to be prepare to work REAL complex. Put 110% effort into studying for your exams. Study 2 hrs on school days and 5hrs on weekend (not all at once). Then after your exams you can do what you close to. and then after that if you still don't get good grades, try finding a living you know YOU will be good at and will enjoy.
Hope i helped=]

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