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I think I'm starting to do bad in college than I usually do.
I really really, and mean, REALLY, hate my school. It's a catholic academy that has a bad reputation for all the girls anyone "hos", a bad atmosphere, and the education is horrible. I'm not even taking any classes that I'm interested in. They're more focused on sports/suspending relations then anything else. The public school that I want to attend offers the classes I really want to embezzle and continue in college. Not only that, but it's closer (right across the street), and it have the same kids as the catholic school. I asked my parents to transfer; mom said yes, but dad said no (I ruminate they brainwashed him). I even offered papers and logical reasons. I was depressed this summer because of it.
Now, I've received all my grades today, and I'm not doing upright in any of my classes, except for gym. I also don't get any of the information. My dad is helping me out with some of the classes, but I still don't achieve it, and I'm very confused in class lol. What to do??
Try your hardest in everything. I cant stress that more.! The harder you try the more you will follow. I would get a tutor to help you for your bad classes. And but for that get extra help. Extra help doesnt sign you as dumb. It helps you understand. Trust me its better then have to re do classes. I've had to do that i learned my lesson. And if you fail a reliable amount of classes throughout highschool, depending on the state you could, loose your chance to graduate. Source(s): lfe.

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