* grandmothers * and children's homework?

I look after my two grandchildren aged 6 & 8 collect them from school and have them eat dinner past they are collected at six o clock ,the children's mother is out working and has asked that the children have their dinner eaten & homework done ( they own a fair amount to do ) I am tired after minding them & preparing dinner that homework is the last thing I obligation.I am not that young and when I offered to help out I wasn't expecting all this . I don't mind the meal but I don't want the homework. What do you think ?
Why dont you ask your daughter to get her kids a private tutor to help them beside their homeworks... because that is what i did... i hired a private tutor for my kids same age with your grandchildren 6 and 8 years old because my husband and i are working and we arrive at home delayed but i always see to it that the children understand their lessons especially well during saturdays and sundays that i dont have work.. I do a recap and give them exercises nearly the lessons that they had that week and most of the time we do advance lessos 1 hour every saturday and sundays... by the mode i'm a school
guidance counsellor
There are after school programs that have assist with homework. You could have them go to the after academy program to get help with homework and afterwards pick them up by 5:00 to take them home and give them dinner.

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