1 year Absent on first week of arts school?

so i'm absent o day which is the last afternoon of school of the week on high school, friday, does it really hurt to omitted a day on the first week, cause we just do introductions of the rules and stuff, and monday is when we do the legitimate thing, so do you think i'm gonna miss out, cause i'm suppose to outdo my hw about a book today.
no you just make it up later Source(s): i have 60 absences last year
i mean that's a pretty smart day to be absent if you really hold to be absent the first week of school. By them i'n sure you'll have already hear all the rules and stuff. Which means you'll proabably know the policy on late hw assignments or what you are suppose to do near hw before you are absent. So just recount your teacher in advance something like this :]
no worries unless you are a grade 12 Source(s): last year i have 140 something absences but it really messed up my marks but i managed to go beyond atleast

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