im going to be a senior this coming year. i dunno whether to take AP Chemistry or not. is it hard? ive taken regular chemistry and didn't do bad, but didn't do honourable either. im just wondering should i take it or not. will it sustain me in college? (Biology Major, PRE-MED program). thanx!
I hear its complex. Possibly the hardest AP science. Take something easier like AP Enviromnetal Science or AP Biology/Earth Space. Your senior year shouldn't be stressful. Source(s): 2010!
Reg. Chem is the best to learn everything as resourcefully as the principles, good career options too.
Applied is more thoughtful if u wish to become a technician in the future, believe its rubbish.
Though if ur intrested surrounded by chem in general try both... Source(s): I'm doing Advanced Chemistry now
Is it going to be hard? Oh yea.

Should you take it? base on your intended major, yes, yes you should. For me the concepts didn't quite click (especially acids and bases) but I'm confident that the background i get from the class will help me understand what I will learn surrounded by the future on a deeper level.

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