ok, so i'm in 10th grade and i moved systems from the british to the American. I was wondering instead of taking another verbal communication like french (cause I'm already taking english) can I take a another science or do I HAVE to take 2 language to pass the IB diploma thing?

thanks for support XD xxxx
Yes, you have both your Language A and Language B. Language A would be your native language, I believe. I'm taking English for mine. And my Language B is French.

As your sixth subject, though, you can rob a second Language B or a second science (on top of the science you choose) or IB Theatre, Psychology, Art, Music or whatever it is your school offers. That is, when you're no longer a 'Pre-IB' student and in fact in IB. At my school, you leave 'Pre-IB' Junior year, but I know some conservatory schedule theirs differently and it's earlier for them.

But I definitely longing you all the determination and hard-work for IB! Source(s): I'm an incoming IB junior at my high school.
You do own to take both your native language and a foreign vernacular. They are called Language A1 and the Second Language respectively. You can take a second science course as your IB elective, which may be done as a replacement for an arts course. If you don't want to take a foreign words, you can always opt for the easier introductory language courses. They aren't worth any college credit but they can introduce the language and win it over with in a lesser number of years. Source(s): ibo.org and previous scholarship

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