:o First hours of daylight of college..tommorow..o-e;;?

So I have like, two questions.

~~My desire is to go to sleep at 8 tonight AT LEAST, so How can i fall asleep easily? Because it usually take me FOREVER to get to sleep.

~~And, I have no idea why, But if im up really precipitate in the morning, my stomach starts acting up. But eating makes it worse, afterwards when i get to school i start getting nervous, which make my stomach act up even more...what should i do to cure that? o-o;;;
Try melatonin.

Try waking up at about 7.
If your trying to budge to sleep at 8 tonight, and your sleeping schedule is already off track, it's too late. The just way you'll be able to fall asleep is to drug yourself. Trust me, I know from experience. And I don't be a sign of the beer whiskey alcoholic type of drug, I mean pills. Tylenol, sleeping pills. You need to exercise and exhaust yourself now so that you'll be capable of go to sleep as early as possible. Start drinking to coffee and Monster Energy's to exhaust yourself later. Try going to sleep an hour before each night to get your sleeping calendar back on track.

Do you drink milk daily? You may to slightly lactose intolerant. I advise you to stay away from it today. Source(s): Nocturnal.

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