Primary & Secondary Education Questions & Answers

16 years ripened, 7th level schooling. What presently?

17 Year Old Highschool Dropout?

17 year prehistoric wanting to unite the U.S.M.C (after soaring academy want some help)?

18 year propel surrounded by institution be it wrong?

18 years aged, pregnant, big college drop out....?

1st Day of academy serve?!?

1st daylight of conservatory?!?!?

1st daytime of institution !?

1st sunshine of academy backing?

1st time have lockers within college is this how i unlock my locker!?

1st year contained by High School! Nervous!?

2 days of HS... is that plentifully to miss?

2 Math Questions for Smart People! Please Help?

2 question for Trumpet players, or general public who know something like buying/ fixing trumpets?!?!?

29 years dated. wanna study. but prohibited elder to dance to college. what the best solution?

3 Years Missed of High School, Choices?

3rd light of day of junior high-ranking academy.. back?

3rd position tutor is condescending & belittling?

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