"false face must hide what false heart doth know"supposed to explain why i like this quote but im stuck.help

Question:the full quote is "away and mock the time with fairest show, false face must hide what fasle heart doth know."
I have a paragraph already but my paper looks so empty. Please I just need ideas.

What you've quoted sounds like one of the rhyming couplets Shake liked to use to end a scene. In your paper, you might add some stuff about how you like his rhyming couplets because they always end the scene so decisively, summing things up and allowing the character speaking them to wrap up the scene with a flourish and a punchy, memorable comment. (There. That's almost another paragraph for you.) In addition, maybe you could find some other rhyming couplets in that play or others and quote them, too, by way of further illustrating your point about rhyming couplets and adding length to your paper.
Be sure to tie it into the theme of Appearance Versus Reality . . . that is a major theme of Macbeth! This is one quote that relates this theme.

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