"It is easier to be forgiven than to ask permission" who said this?

Question:i am trying to find out the origin of the above quote...
i know of 2 movies it is contained in,
Bladerunner and Eragon
I need to know where it came from who was the person who said it first.

The origin of this quote is unknown. It is most certainly NOT rear-admiral Grace Hopper (reference to another answerer who claims to be citing Wikipedia), as this quotation has been around since long before she was born.

The generally accepted "quote" is, "It is better to ask forgiveness than to beg permission."
my dad.
It means u get more done without asking.

People say that the perso who said it is uknown but therios are starting to form.

Here's one of them

Hope I helped!!
A strong-willed child. lol
Rear Admiral Grace Hopper is attributed with this quote.

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