A2 English Lit - Anyone have a complete synopsis of the play "Oh What A Lovely War"? Or quotes from it?

Question:I'm doing this as one of my wider reading texts for my war paper and i couldn't get my hands on a copy. If anyone has a full synopsis and/or important quotes this would be really useful! Thanks.

I've done a reasonably good search and cannot find an outlet for the script (agents, etc.), but did manage to dredge up this link.

If you scroll down to the very last message you will find a name and contact details of someone who has the whole shabang. If this proves too out of date to be useful, then I suggest you get in touch with the National Theatre. Someone there might be able to help.
Here's a couple of sites that might help:

Don't have the synopsis but did find some quotes....

Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig: Grant us victory, O Lord, before the Americans get here.

Sir Edward Grey: [as war breaks out] The lamps are going out all over Europe, we will not see them lit again in our lifetime.

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