"it is impossible to love and be wise" -sir francis bacon?

Question:im doing an essay on this quote after reading romeo & juliet. i have to explain the quote. i know how i can relate the quote to the play because romeo and juliets family are enemies and they end up getting married. but how else do i explain this quote?

Well, Romeo and Juliet actually don't get married because they both die before they can.

That quote applies because, in a way, their love was foolish. They died for eachother, but their deaths weren't very "wise" (because they both committed suicide).

Also, they abandoned their families for love, which some consider not very wise.
in my opinion when you are in love you act based on your impulses and feelings. your rationality is oftentimes clouded by sentiments and you don't always choose the most rational option in a situation.
When you're in love you don't want to hurt the other person's feelings so you are not wise. Of course their families were enemies so they were not wise to fall in love.

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