What does "Going to the Mattresses" mean?

Question:I've seen all the Godfathers. I don't remember the term. Last night on Sopranos The boys (left) went into hiding. I've heard several people refer it as them "going to the mattresses." What is the origin of this. Was it just a phrase coined from a movie?

This statement has been altered in recent years. It's more common to say "Going to the mat."

It means to go all out.
It means going to war amongst the families
It has to do with when the mob was expecting a gang war to happen, the guys would get together in a rented apartment & hang there until things started happening. Rather than being where the opposing gang was expecting to find them. I read this a long time ago in a book ("Underboss")
Yo will find the correct meaning and origin of the phrase by clicking on the following link:
omg i can't wait to see the final episode! They had a shitty last season but have made up for it ever since the episode when Christopher died.
It's a quote from Mario Puzo's the Godfather and it refers to inter-family mafia warfare. They would hole up in a rented apartment and stage the action from there. The idea was to not endanger families (ie. women and children)

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