A good slogan for world environment day?

Human, clean your room!
Care for the Environment and you Care not only for yourself but for the entire Universe and all that is a part of it.
reuse, reduce, recycle, renew!
Look around, Feel around, fly in air but stay on ground
Save trees
Make the world pollution free
for our better living
Keep your world clean and green.
my slogan are
" Be keen To keep your environment clean...."
"Stockholm was without doubt the landmark event in the growth of international environmentalism"....
"World Environment Day is a people's event with colourful activities "......
How about:
"You Can Make a World of Difference--Care About the Environment".
If you want to live in it, clean it up!
Save the __________, Save the World

Save a tree, save the world
Save energy, save the world

Save the car, walk the ride

Borrowed from the popular TV's NBC 'Heroes' premise "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World."
Take a stare to take your care,
Take care to keep your stare of the beautiful world around you!
Save Environment Save U'r self
Save trees,Save the environment!!

Clean city,Green city!!
Nurture nature,
Thank the earth,
Sun, water, wind,
Plants & animals,
For their bounty,
Take care to ,
Keep them clean,
Live & leave them pure.
save it while you can
If u prevent it : u will be prevented

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