What does this mean?

Question:silence, for those who seek immortality

speak, for those who are mortal.

if you keep your mouth shut then your not as likely to offend people and have them after you. But, if you speak your mind, you are going to have people upset and wanting to get ahold of you.
it means nothing
If you want to live forever like a vampire, shut up. If you realize you are human, speak up. Or maybe if you're self-centered and vain, eat some humble pie. If you're already humble then stay that way!
don't speak to the evil.

speak to the good.
Well, It is all open to what you think it is

But, this is what I think it is

Those who talk, or try to share with others, sometimes make mistakes on what you say. It may be something you said that hurts someone else, or something that is completely wrong, but everyone has experiences where they lost a friendship or just good thoughts of someone else because of what you said.

If you dont speak, others cant hate you/make fun of you about what you are saying. This way, people remember you (immortality) forevor as a good person.
You owe nothing to those ego-driven and vain-glorious individuals, who in any case are trying their best to get noticed and leave a mark in this world - they can fend for themselves. But as a fellow human being, it is your duty to help out others who can do with a helping hand.
all that I know is that mortals have short lives making them unable to speak to the living after their death. ultimately the mortals have a limited amount of time before they lose their rights of speech to the living. immortals that are forever alive have very outdated information. In much of the mortals who do not understand, go read other responses.
Means that if you don't want anything to happen to you, remain silent and watch whatever is going on.If you are moved by the incident, be sure to comment on it, but expect people to react violently too.
i think that people who wish to have every thing i.e even what they don't need can not get even what they deserve to get thing and those who have limited wishes get what they deserve

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