Abe Lincoln quote..what does it mean to you?

Question:" do no think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday."

what does this quote mean to you??

When you hold someone in high regard and he cannot admit that he has made a mistake and learned from it, perhaps you should not think so highly of him.

Pop culture reference: Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/Britney Spears. So many girls like and admire them, yet even when they are caught with irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing, they do not see anything wrong with their behavior; and continue on paths of self-destruction. Anna Nicole Smith should have been the wake-up call for them.
If you don't learn from mistakes you won't learn from any thing
You should seek to learn something each day. Living day to day without learning something new is a waste of time. Those who waste time do not have his respect.
If you are not trying to better yourself on a day to day basis, you are making no contribution to society.
To me this quote means that every day we should be learning and growing within ourselves becoming wiser to the situations around us ... and that if we are not learning or growing along the way we are limiting ourselves.
It means that if you do not learn something every day, you are not interested in learning and moving forward with your life. There is something to learn from every experience we face, and if we do not learn from every experience, it is only because we choose not to.
Don't rest on your laurels, or your donnas.
do not think highly of a person who is not wiser than he was yesterday. If you didn't learn anything from the past or ..yesterday, then how wise could you be??

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