8th grade graduation speech help.?

Question:How should i start my 8th graduation speech?
top 2 speeches will be chosen for graduation and i want to be one of them... my teachers say that all the emotional formal stuff never wins and it should be comical... they want it to starte off with a quote from a song and all. now im so confused... i searchd online for ideas but they are the formal ones.. help?

I think your teacher is right - a lot of people remember the entertaining speeches best. Maybe if you come up with a relevant theme, and then make an entertaining speech around it - not one read word for word (unless they are submitted written), as that can be a bit serious and not engaging to listen to. Can be light hearted and still have a message. Maybe you can have a look at the songs that came out in the year you were born or this year, and see if any of the titles could start something that would work. Maybe it could be a movie quote too. What do you think is a relevant message for your year group - try searching for lyrics/song titles with key words if you can think of a theme? If you are going into 9th grade, maybe you could have a reference to middle earth (middle of high school yrs) if Lord of the Rings is well known and could be funny. Good luck. Maybe try to write it in your own style and make some funny observations (don't make fun of people if it is not laughing with them). Song ideas - maybe you could focus your speech about the coming break over summer (?) before 9th grade.
Start out with a graduation joke (look them up online).
talk about how you was a klutzy nerd that couldn't open your locker thru growing up and excited about taking your next step in life
Maybe you could do a parody of a well-known song, like:

You better watch out, you better not cry,
Better not pout, I'm telling you why,
XX High School, here we come.
think of what happened though middle school then sum it up to a few key words and do a search on the web

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