"Learning from failure(s) is the way to Success." Do you agree or disagree and why do you think so?

Its not the only way to success but it is A way to success - if you learn from the mistakes you make you're less likely to make them in the future - and if you do, you'll be better equiped to deal with them.
Failures happen across the board. If you don't learn from yours, guess what?
Well it is a cliche and the obvious thing about popular sayings like this is that they tend to endorse failures. Like to say that many flower blooms to die unseen may mean that one may just give up thinking that nothing needs to be done where everyone else is also in ignominy. So it seems to this writer that failures are just that --- they just tell you that you are a sucker and quit trying and see if any other position may be useful or not!
agree. it helps you deal easily with the same situation in the future
It only depends on you.
I agree, you're less likely to make the same mistake twice.Thus giving you the upper hand in any given situation.
Learning from your mistakes is surely a way to success.
I agree with the quote. We learn from the mistakes we make and avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly. (hopefully, not always).

We become successful through trial and error. This can be evidenced in the play "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry. The character of Walter Younger learns from his mistake of trusting his friend with the insurance money to open a liquor store, but is soon disillusioned when he realizes his friend obscombed with the money. He learns not to be so trusting and to have more faith in family.

It was after this lesson that he became a successful husband, father, son and brother.

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