A poem on preventing waste of time by d students ??

Question:plzzz help me !! my teacher has asked me to write a poem for d students of my class so that they get inspired by it and do not waste their time ??

If you want to reach you goals, stay in school and study. If you need help ask a buddy. Don't waste time. Life is what you make of it. It is not all chocolate. Don'e waste time. You will be old before you know it. Take your book out and read it. Don't waste time. You may think school is for fun, but at the end of the year you will run because you wasted time and did not study. You make think that you are funny but wasting time cost money. You won't make much if you don't study. If you don't want to reach your dream, then go ahead. Time is on your side if you use it right. Go home and study tonight. Don't waste time in school or at home. Don't let you mind roam. Study. (Just a try).

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