"I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex." What does this quote mean?

From all the hustles and bustles in life sometimes you need to stop and smell the flowers. Sometimes we seek a way out of our busy lives, the pressure, the deadlines, traffic, etc. and the easiest most simplest way to do that is to just enjoy the environment. Simple pleasures could be anything, drinking a cup of coffee, eating your lunch or just admiring a painting on a wall. This probably means that relaxing is easier than we think. We just have to find it out for ourselves.
From the Novel ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’ right? Oscar Wilde?

Basically in my translation it means that the ‘simple pleasures’ are a way to escape the world, the problems, the confusing. The simple pleasures being tears of happiness, watching the rain, listening to your significant other breathe in his sleep, remembering the past, or whatever it may be that pleases you in its unfussiness. The ‘simple pleasures’, the silly little things that make life worth living are where you can get lost from the things that society has worked itself up to be. The ‘simple pleasures’ provide a getaway from money, greed, flaunting of possessions, fears, and any other complicated feeling associated with our lives.

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