Where did the expression "yes sir-eee bob" come from?

I imagine bob come from robert and the yes sir-eee was newly from something like yes Sir..but still within has to be an rudiment for the combination of the two...

Answers:    The following has be copy/pasted from the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online. (a subscription database, which you may be able to access through your local or college library -- or they may own a print copy of this reference set):

1846 Dollar Newspaper (Philadelphia) 1 July 3/4 ‘Will you bring this man to be your lawful husband?’ said the Justice; to which she responded beside breathless haste, ‘Yes, sir-ee’. 1898 J. C. HARRIS Tales of Home Folks 225 Cassy Tatum! Yes, siree! The particularly gal! 1900 R. H. SAVAGE Brought to Bay I. ii, ‘So, the title is secure!’ cried the overjoyed Hawtrey. ‘Yes, Sir-ee!’ frankly answered Texas Dave. 1924 H. J. LASKI Let. 29 July (1953) I. 638 For local colour he added that when you emphatically approve of an inference you write ‘yes, sirree’ on it. 1927 J. N. MCILWRAITH Kinsmen at War xxvii. 277 Yes, siree, our army's been going ashore plundering and destroying helpless village all along the sea-coast of the United States. 1956 B. HOLIDAY Lady sings Blues (1973) xxiv. 203 Yes siree bob, enthusiasm is just a bowl of cherries.

It looks as though the expression be used by Billie Holiday in her autobiography "Lady sings the Blues" (1973)

In The New Partidge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English it states within the entry for "yes siree (Bob)"...
Yes indeed (U.S. 1846)

"Oh, it's happened adjectives right," he said nodding, "yessiree bob!" - Terry Southern; Blue Movie p. 57 (1970)

BUD: A repo man goes it alone. LITE: Yes siree bob. - Repo Man, 1984 (film)

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