Finish the sentence:?

Question:I saw Michael Jackson kissing Britney Spears and I ___________

opened up a can of lager, the top flinging off and hitting a rather tall gentleman to the left of me, he sprung up and pounced out the room, on his way out he nudged an old ladies hangbad thus falling upon her lit cigeretter, the cigerette burnt throughher bag as her sense of smell had gone and caused a rather low sitting fire alarm to go off, everyone evacuated the building, as the gush of people left the floorboards began to creek, a splinter protruded and a young lady caught the hem of her trouser leg on this splinter, her trousers pulled and ripped. When the fire alarm was deemed an accident of cigerette synging handbag faults a mass of people entered the building, a small cow trotted in and began to sniff the piece of torn trouser hem caught on the splinter of floorboard, the cow chomped on the hem thus causing itself to throw up the contents of its very small four stomachs, the owner got a mop and ushered the very small cow out of the building, as the man mopped up the cow sick a young child of about 7 skipped by staring at the mess, consequently as she had not been looking she went souring into the table that was next to Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, the abnormally large glass of water with extra ice and lemon ent soaring onto Michael and Britneys table, thus causing a protude of H20 onto Britneys lap, Michael became agitated and screamed, the scream reached evry corner of the room and set the sound system monitor off (too loud as housing was near by), the system shut off the lights and as this happened the small cow came a wandering back into the room, the cow slipped on the wet floor, went flying into the now ok child, the child went skidding across the floor and landed on a luckily placed sponge padded wall. As the owners son turned the lights back on there he saw a cow, a little girl, a wig and a bald Britney Spears bedragled in the corner underneath the dart board and the staircase.later that day the press arrived, thus causing the flooring near by to greatly weaken due to the emmense weight of all the extra people. the pub owner got extra rent as so many media like guests wanted to stay and write the story of the 'trouser that caused the cow that caused the girl that caused the souring that caused the...stuff and Michael Jacksons profounds ways of getting Britney Spears wig back on her now soaking and sour head'
shot myself in the face!
took a picture...sold it and became a millionaire
Shaved my head.
I zipped up my pants and said, these preztels are making me thirsty.. : )
decided to enter a monastery.
heard her yelling "BEAT IT"!
I thought... awww! 2 crazy, white women kissing... how cute!!
said thats what you get for cutting your hair to look like a boy!!
shaved my head and started to hit my car with an umbrella while doing the moon walk.
roundhouse kicked them both in the face.
couldn't tell which one was which!
shaved my head and became white!
" had to add vinegar to my peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

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