Question:what does anarchy mean?

anarchy..means of course no authority, but does it still exist, i mean, i don't know if some people can still believe in it. There used to be some in france, but i think it's just a dream of teenagers now, they don't want any authority and so call themselves anarchists..do you know the symbol ? it's an A with a circle. In France, that's not rare to see teens with this symbol on their clothes, or on their bags..
no government at all
No government , no rules, no order
Lawlessness. Mob rule. Chaos.
A theoretical political system which lacks all formal authority. It is physically impossible, though, as humans have a natural tendency to band together and pick leaders for the pack. If there were no formal political system in a country, what you would have is a bunch of gangs fighting each other, and that would be referred to as anarchy.

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