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Question:"Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others belong yo us as well" -Francois-Marie Voltaire

if you can appreciate others good qualities, then you yourself inherit those same see what is good in others and so you tend to take on the traits that you's what makes us as humans into better people, we see the good in others and try to make changes within ourselves
if you apprecate others and what they do and have u will get it too
Appreciation is being thankful for what someone has done for you. When a person is doing something for another person it's like he/she is sharing what he/ she has to help others. In a way, that it belongs to us also. Take for example in school. Your class was chosen to represent the whole school in a national competition. If your class wins, its like your whole school wins even if it was only your class that participated. The school appreciates what you did for them. They congratulate you, give you a ceremony, a banner, announce it to the whole school. But for those outside the school, they see it as the whole school won.
There are things in life that we should appreciate like people who are helpful, sweet and cheerful! We should also try to stop and just appreciate things like flowers and trees.
by appreciating something wonderful, it becomes yours as well.
if u appreticate others, good will come of it

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