Battle of Midway- Primary quotes?

Question:This is pretty urgent!
I need some Primary quotes (quotes that were said at the time) from the Battle of Midway. Anything would be greatly appreciated!

Please reference!

Staff officer at CINCPAC after codebreakers provided basic objectives of Japanese plan to attack Midway: "Our man in Tokyo is worth every cent we pay him."

A Marine air commander at Midway Island filed a report about the Brewster F2A Buffalo fighter, which was hopelessly outclassed by the Japanese Zero: "Any pilot taking off in an F2A should be considered lost upon leaving the ground."

Don't know who said these, but they are the quotes I remember best from reading about it.
"Damn, did you see that dude!" -Sir Larry of Buttsniffington. HMRSC
Here's a set of personal recollections about Midway from folks who there. No memorable quotes but interesting reading.

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