Does anyone know what "delete the adjectives and I'd have the facts.” means ?

Question:its from "to kill a mockingbird" and atticus said it.

If you have a flower and call it, "a great smelling, beautiful shade of red, perfection in bloom, with each petal perfectly sculptured, so exquisite that it causes your heart to flutter", all you have done is shaded the fact that it is still a flower.
if your following the story...just do as he says and you'll get it.i think he says this in connection to one of his children.scout i think..its bin a while since i read that book. but do as he asks you to...just dont read the adjectives in the statement.
That's funny.

I haven't read the book, but it would be my guess that he's tired of women who have to qualify everything with a descriptive adjective.

He means eliminate all the descriptive words (adjectives) and just get the response down to the bare words, which are the plain facts, with no adjectives dressing them up and making them more descriptive or lending emotion to those bare facts with emotive adjectives.

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