What does it mean to say "his reputation succeeds him"??

It means that you have heard of him by reputation, even though you have never actually met the person in question. This could either be in a good or bad way, its not limited to one or the other.
I think it means that his reputation has made him powerful and successful
I think it means his reputation has made him known. Like when he is not around, people still talk about him and know of him.
it means that his exploits (good or bad) have been heard about before meeting him
Tell me this is a joke. The saying is that his reputation PRECEEDS him. Which means that he has such a reputation that who ever has said the phrase has heard all about he/she before they meet.
The common phrase is "his reputation precedes him", not succeeds. The phrase means that his reputation is well known, be it good or bad, and therefore he is known by his reputation
It's actually "his reputation precedes him," which means that his reputation is so well-known that people often hear about it before they even meet him. I've never heard anybody say "his reputation succeeds him," but if they did, I guess it would mean that his reputation will live on long after he is dead.
It means that people have heard about him before they have had the chance to meet him. The connotation is usually about something negative; but, not always.

Everyone hears gossip. We often hear about people we have not met; though we think that we know enough about them by the gossip we have heard.

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