"No good deed goes unpunished" - Seems to make no literal sense...can anyone explain. please?

Thats a good question, because at first it really doesn't make much sense, but after a little thought you can see the point being made. Basically the quote means that life can be really unfair, and even in the most wholesome and good things we do for others, we in some way can suffer consequences from them. It's like you holding the door for someone in an office building only to find that person got the job you were going to interview for because they got there first. Sure that is an overly dramatic example, but I think it sums things up really well.
it's another way of saying nice guys finish last.
It is a pessimistic statement. It means that you do something good and something negative happens to you as a result. It is not the correct way to look at life.
Yes, but think about it. When you do a good deed, somebody is always going to be mad or something bad will happen (either then or later)
i think it means don't expect to receive accolades for doing something nice. as the first part of the link below states, part of doing something nice for someone else is making yourself feel good. well, that something nice maybe misunderstood or not appreciated.

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