Anybody can give me a general idea of what special education is?

Question:there were teaching opprtunities that I wish to apply for and it says special education teacher. What particular area does it specialize for?

Special Education encompasses a lot of territory.It could mean that you'll deal with children who have LD's things like dyslexia, processing issues, ADHD. If you're talking about special education you could also be talking about children with multi-disabilities like CP which might mean LD's as well as physical disabilities. Or children who just have physical disabilities which make it impossible to go to the neighborhood school for lack of access. It might mean children who are intellectually gifted. You can be dealing with children who are from the ages of about 3 when early intervention starts to age 5 when it is now considered school age. if you want to work with the youngest children you have to have be specialized in early childhood special education.
If you want to work with older children than you have to specialized in special education. I hope that you will consider each path of special education so that you find the one that suits you the best.
Special Education is anything that is considered below or above the average education cirriculum
Special Education refers to curriculum and or methods used to work with children who have been identified as having a disability or learning difference. There are varying levels of disability. States require certification in Special Education to work with children who are disabled, especially since NCLB came to be.
You have to be certified as a special education teacher in order to teach special education. You can specialize in blind & visually impaired, deaf & hard of hearing, mental retardation/cognitive/life skills, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, emotional (ED), or speech and language disabilities. Some states just permit you to be a special ed teacher without a specific area of concentration.
Special Education provides services for students recognized under part of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If a Special Education Teaching Certificate is required for a job, you can take the certification test (if you are already a certified teacher) just like any other test (Math, English, etc.) to become qualified.

If you are not already certified in another area, yuo can get a deficiency plan and go back to school, or look into alternative certification programs in your area.

Best of luck.

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