Autistic specialist? orthodontist?

Question:hey all, i got a problem,
i want to be a dentist and maybe go on to be an orthodontist.
but my parents think its a bad job for me and they want me to enter into the autistic specialist.
can some one give me good facts about both jobs and which u will choose and y
plz and ty

Working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD), which is the politically correct way of saying it, isn't as rosy as some of the other answers would lead you to believe. It's NOT the kids that are the problem, it's the parents. Just be prepared to be constantly sued when 4 year-old Johnny has 175 goals on his IEP and only meets 174 of them. Parents are totally unrealistic when it comes to this. There is no cure for ASD. Through therapy, children with ASD can recover to a certain extent, depending on the severity of ASD.

Working with the kids was great, even the ones who hit me, but I had to leave because I came to the conclusion it was the parents who really had the ASD, not the kids. If parents would just let people help their kids without demanding that Johnny be cured in a week, it would work so much better for everyone involved. When parents become adversarial about every little thing, the child is the one who suffers. If you think you can put up with overbearing parents and their lawyers, then go for it. Otherwise, stick to dentistry.
Well Some Autistic People is not able to do work like that.

Cause it depends on what you want to do, and how you do it.

You need to show your parents that you can do those jobs, and they may have a second opinion on that.
This is when you have to be a grown up and decide for yourself what you want to do wth your life. If your heart isnt in to working with people with autism then dont do it. Who is to say you couldnt become a dentist or orhtodontist that takes on special needs clients?
Why can't you do both? You can be an orthodontist in your professional life. In your "down" time you can volunteer with children who have autism and their families.

I have a masters degree in Autism and Severely Emotionally Disturbed. I make the same as a teacher without a masters degree. Health insurance is so expensive I can't have my husband on my policy with me. I'm not sure what I'll do when I need to add a child to the policy.

The time I spend with my students is very special to me and I love it without a doubt. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be different if I had gone into business administration.

You don't have to choose one or the other when it comes down to it, you just have to make time for all of your passions in life.
Well, not all autistic children are the same. So, even though you like the one autistic child doesn't mean you'll like them all, unless there are autistic traits that you enjoy about him.
do what you need to do- you are the one that will be doing the schooling and job for the rest of your life
Here's a thought - become a pediatric dentist/orthodonist. Then you can do both :-). My daughter has autism and cerebral palsy and needs pediatric specialists for all her medical needs. Ped dentists are in HIGH demand. Finding a good one is hard for parents. I refuse to go to the one in our new city - and the nearest one is three hours away.

You need to stand up on your own two feet and do what you want to - your parents shouldn't push you.
You really need to follow your heart--you will be the best at what you do when it's what YOU want to do. Explore several careers related to dentistry and working with children. As several people suggested in their answers, you might be able to combine your interests by specializing in pediatric dentistry. If you are young and just starting college, I advise keeping all your options open for a little while until you see what really pulls you.

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