But i really did not do anything wrong?

Question:She just keeps lgiving me bad grades even if i am activ ad i read all the books, but still i really do not know what to do. help

talk to a parent
Learn to spell.
Practice writing using correct spelling, punctuation, capital letters and correct sentence structure.
Show some respect for people that you are asking for help.
If you read so much, how did you escape learning that most people talk and read in complete sentences?
Do you do well on your tests, projects, and homework? The best place and the first person you go to is that particular teacher. It is a teacher's job to help you do well. Did you ask her what she thinks you are doing wrong? If she doesn't give you any constructive feedback, I would talk to your parents about it or maybe even your principle. Your teacher just can't give you bad grades for no reason.
ask the teacher for help...
Well to start off you may want to check your Spelling in your question.

Are you doing your homework?
Are you studying for your tests?

It maybe better if you had a family member or friend to study with you.

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