Anyone knows if the diploma for special education can be taken as private?

Question:ive searched the net and its only possible to take it in NIE. anyone knows if any private insituition offers it too? thks !

You need to clarify what you mean. Do you mean a diploma for a student coming out of special education? Or do you mean a college diploma for working with students in special education? If you're talking about a student coming out of special education, Than an IEP diploma means that the student has completed the required four years of high school but that their disability is to severe for them to be able to participate in college. Here in NY there are three diploma's that special education students can receive. A regents diploma which is the highest, that means that you have passed at least one state test in each the major subjects. You have to pass with a 65 or better to pass the test. For a regional diploma you have to take regional test given by the city or town where you live. It's called a regional conference test. Those you have to pass with a 60 or better. If you fail the regents but get between a 55 to 50 you have also passed the RC T's and can get an RCT diploma. If you can't pass the RC T's or the regents or your disability makes it impossible for you to take either than you get what's called an IEP diploma. That means that you've been in high school for the required four years. Coming out to school with an IEP diploma usually means that the student either trains for a job or is put into a sheltered work shop. So a lot depends on the child's disability.
Can you give more informaton to your question?

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