Autism society in orange county?

Question:i need to sum places in orange county that help autism my cuzin has it need help plz
directions,phone number,websites would help


Go online and Google: Autism Society of America and click on 'find a chapter'. They will have information on a tremendous amount of resources. Good luck.

Im from Anaheim... I have no idea sorry,,... BUT WHY DONT YOU CALL A HEALTH ORGANIZATION IN OC? I will look for ya
Call the Superintendent's office of your local school system. They can give you the number or the number to the Special Education office that can help you. Most pediatrician's offices can help with this as well.

Best wishes!
UCLA has great info at their CART (Center for Autism Treatment).

The Autism Research Institute has a lot of info on autism and many updates on the latest research going on nationwide.

The Autism Society of America has branches all across the US and support groups are available in-person and online. Here;s a list of the chapters in California:
and here's the main web site
Here is a great site that sells autistic clothes, the owner's name is Pam and she has an autistic grandson. She is located in Orange County:

I'm sure if you contact her she will have other great local resources for you :)

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