504 Plan Denial what should i do?

Question:I know that if a high school teacher denies a student's 504 plan they can be at risk of losing their job or have a lot of tedious paperwork! What about middle school from what I can see their is no penalty for the denial of a 504 plan why? How do you get the teachers to follow the 504 plans we have done countless meetings with the princiapal dean and all the teachers and my wrist problems have worsend. I only have a week more in middle school but I am scared this will countine on in to high school and that will make my wrists just suck real bad. what should i do? does anyone know the denial 504 plan rule regulations? or what the 504 rule book says about middle school? i need to know !!!!... my mother and I have done everything we can think of. Oh yes if anyone knows the formula for accelration that would be nice...

Try the Special Education Plans message board at ivillage.com The community leader there is a professional special ed advocate and consultant. She WILL have the answer for this!
What is the disability? How can you verify it? If it is legit it should fit under some area of SPED. 504 is an UNFUNDED mandate...it allows some very unreasonable items to be addressed,such as a student who needed an individual aide to keep other students from looking at him because it made him uncomfortable. The aide was $16,000 per year...paid for out of general fund monies...not special education. Some 504's are needed...but way too many people abuse it.
If you have a documented 504 with the accomodations necessary and it was filed and agreed upon by a team then the teachers have to allow the accomodations. If they dont then your mom needs to be calling hte head of SPED and principals, teachers, adn superintendent to find out why. If its still an issue then she can file grievance through the State Board of Education.
Check out this website if has lots of information about 504 and what you can do if the school does not follow the law!

As most of the other writers have stated you haven't said what the 504 is for. If you have a condition that is documented that they have to follow it. If they don't than your parents have to file a grivenece. They have to follow it in high school. As long as you are in school and under the age of twenty one. If filing a greivence doesn't work than since the school isnt following a federal law I would suggest that your parents contact either the congess person for your area or one of the Senators from your state. It's amazing what some contact from one or both of those offices would do. Also if things really don't seem to get better remember everyone hates bad publicity contact the nearest BIg paper if you live in a small town if not contact your area paper. When I was having problems getting help for my daughter before I got her into a school for childern with LD I had to theraten to go to NBC news here in NYC as soon as the School Board found out I was going to the news, they providied what my daughter what she needed.
If you have a 504 plan already, then it is illegal for any teacher (whether it be elementary, mid, or high school) to refuse to follow it. Your mother needs to first contact the "office of civil rights" in your area and report that the district is discriminating on the basis of your handicap. Section 504, is a civil rights law that prevents discrimination on the basis of a handicapping condition. Second, your mother needs to request (in writing) a full-comprehensive special education evaluation from the school district. Third, your mother needs to contact the "county" intermediate school district and ask to speak to the "compliance officer" regarding a handicapped student. Fourth, your mother needs to contact the your state's department of education to file a formal complaint about a teacher and a school district. Good luck.

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