Are there any special food and special clothing that are used for a bat mitzvah?

Question:Im doing a project for school on on a jewish cermony that being a bat mitzvah and i can't find any info on the net related to the clothing and food that they wear and eat during and after the cermony

basically you just dress fancy and appropriate
ie (no super reveiling mini skirts or a dress that shows alot of upper body. if u know what i mean. especially not if you have an honor and have to go up to the bima ( pulpit) Some synagogues may require the men to wear kippahs ( the round hat ) depends wheter its othodox or reform.

for with the food it depends on the tastes of the person who ordered it from the cateror

but just so u know for in the future this not the right topic to ask this in special education refers to the education of students with special needs. You would get a whole lot for answers that would help you if u ask this under religion under Judaism.
I know you wear that little cap that jewish people wear sometimes, but other then that I thinks it's pretty much at your descretion
This all depend on who you want to go by. A conservative, reform etc would have the child read from the torah, wear a tallis (prayer shaul), and wear a yalmuka/ kippa. However if the child is orthodox then only a male would do what I have mentioned before. A girl only has a party.

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