Air conditioning for asthmatic child?

Question:My daughter has chronic asthma. I know she is entitled to an air conditioner in her classroom due to her illness (at least in nj i know this for a fact) Does anyone know how I go about it do i need to get a 504 plan?

She is entitled to this under section 504. However, this would be considered a medical supply that the parent would be responsible for providing just like a nebulizer is. If you can get your doc to write a prescription and fight your insurance company with you, it's possible to get your insurance to provide this. I would suggest that it be a "room a/c" that can be moved from room to room rather than a window a/c. That way it can go to her next classroom with her next year.
i am asthmatic and my room theres an ac and it doesn bother me but everyone is different.
shut up and stop your bitchin.your kid doesnt need it anyway
I would start by speaking to her counselor first. Without arguing or being pushy but simply ask how to go about getting that taken care of based on your facts. Is that part of the ADA? Should be, not being able to breathe is a disabling illness. I fortunately grew out of my asthma and hopefully she will soon. Good luck to you both.

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