Are there any special needs for basset hounds?

Question:i juz adopted a a 2yr old basset hound. is there any special things that they need?

Make sure not to overfeed. Heavy males can get sidewalk burns on their thingy.
I have two basset hounds, (aren't they adorable!!)... you should really just worry about it's weight, it strains on the back and can cause bone problems if they become overweight....I also suggest cleaning it's ears regularly because mine get mites often :) hope that helps!
the wieght is important to watch and THE EARS they can get mites and infections. if you get an infection you can get medication from really will be less money then the vet been there and done that. Also they sell wipes for daily dirt in the ears and a liquid cleaner for weekly cleanings THERE NAILS are really important to clip if you hear them clickin on the floor its time to clip its usually 2-3 weeks it will save time and money to do them your self
This isnt what this section is for

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