Anger management?

Question:describe a situation that made you angry and how did you deal with it?


The best way to deal with anger is to develop the opposite quality to it, which is forgiveness and kindness. If you forgive the person, it could be yourself, that makes you angry, each time you get angry, then for that moment atleast the anger would be gone. At some point the incident would be forgotten and you can move on.

The other way is to not focus on thoughts that produce anger when they arise. Try to concentrate on other things and your mind wont dwell on them anymore.

Another way is to bring to my that anger is a bad thing when it comes up, and remember that it makes you unhappy. So when you see that it is harmful your anger will become less.

Another way is to understand that what "goes around, comes around" so whatever that person or people may have done to you will come back to them one day.

There is also a meditation that you can try which will help you to deal with anger, see

Hope that helps,

I almost always yell (at my kids).

Or else I get very precise in my speech to indicate my annoyance. (if I don't yell)

Or else I write a nasty letter, and sometimes send it!
There are ohhh sooo many, and each circumstance called for a different resolution. The one thing that pisses me off faster than anything is someone picking on a Special Needs child, I am hard pressed not to take a baseball bat to their heads so they experience life with brain damage for the rest of their worthless one. I usually just get very loud and very threatning until they are scared off, a simple retarded person they will bully, a full on crazy B#@ch make em show their true colors and they run.
I agree with jennifer g. My 14 year old step-daughter and I were at the local community pool a few years ago and there was a boy swimming who had Down's Syndrome. He was probably pretty close to her age and apparently took a liking to her/thought she was cute. He was flirting with her and following her around. Well, my step-daughter had to be "cool" in front of her friends. She was laughing and making fun of this little boy. When I caught on to what was going on, I was LIVID. We went back to the house and I told her dad what she did. I chewed her up one side and her dad down the other. My main question to her was "what gives you the right to make fun of another human being?" "What if it was you that was flirting and a guy treated you like that?...How would you feel?" We BOTH had her in tears before all was said and done. I don't believe she will ever do that again.

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