Can adults get IEP's done if they are looking to return to school?

Question:If so, how do they go about getting one done?

Absolutely! Take a look at this book on just this topic:

If you are in the US, the Florida Department of Education has a great brochure online that discusses the legal provisions for adult education.

I would also recommend taking a course on self- advocacy to be sure that you are prepared to be appropriately assertive in getting your needs met.
You do not mention if returning to school will be to complete a high school degree or if it refers to continuing your education at a college level. I do not know the laws concerning returning to school for your HS diploma. I do know however, that colleges do not have to recognize or implement IEP's. IEP's are federal law only in public schools for pre-K through 12th grade (or the completion of special education programs that can cover a student until the age of 21). There are some colleges out there that are willing to work with students who have had previous IEP's (this is beyond the federal laws madating access for persons with physical handicaps and allowing of medical assistance animals). However, even then it is most often up to the student to speak directly to all the professors to arrange for whatever allowances may be needed and, in many cases, the professors have the right to refuse. I agree...take a course on self-advocacy. Then do your research to find out what schools in your area are most willing to work with you. If you are just beginning your college education, one of the best places to check can be community colleges. These schools usually are very willing to work with students with disabilities and many even have programs in place to work with students with learning or developmental issues. Good luck!
Yes! I have two friends who have graduated from medical school having learning disabilities(dyslexia, ADD). They were accommodated(sp?) and did fine.
It depends on which school you're talking about. if you're talking about college No, there is no IEP for college what they do in college if you have a verifed learing disabiltiy or physcial disablity is meet with you to determine what your needs are and how to accomadate them. I have two daughter's one who's in high school and one who has a AS and is going back for her Ba. Both of them are dyslexic and the younger one has several other disablites. SHE has the IEP, The older one meet with the administration in fact found out that they have a department for students with disablilties,to help them get their accomadations met. Contact the school that you're interested in if it's college find out who works with students with disablities.
If you are going back to High school and are under the age of twenty one than yes you can get an IEP if you have a proven disablitiy. Contact the department of Education where you want to go to school and find out who deals with specail education issues. They will help you to get an IEP but if you are under the age of 21 You need to have your parents work with you also. Becasue they will have to start the process since you will be considered underage until you either finish school or reach 21.

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