Can you use a mechanical pencil on the ACT?

Question:For real; i know they say not to but if it's number two does it really matter?

Only on the multiple choice. The proctor will make you switch pencils for the writing section, if you are taking it.
I don't think it does because my teachers let me and other kids use mechanical pencils on an ACT but my teacher made sure it was a number two.
As long as it's #2, you can.
One word of caution though: whenever I bubble in with a mechanical pencil it gets smudgey and you might have to waste valuable time erasing the stray marks. But that might just be me.
You should be able to use mechanical pencils. I have always used them on standardized tests. I don't think I've even seen anything other than #2 pencils except drawing pencils. But I'd take a regular wooden pencil just in case.

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